Why Reiki could be right for you

Reiki, whilst becoming better know, is still far from being common in mainstream medicine. Below is why I think it is time we woke up to what health is, and why Reiki and other such hands on healing modalities have a large part to play in the health of the nation.

In my nearly four years as a Reiki healer and fifteen years of being interested in hands on healing, my own experiences have vastly changed my views on the benefits of health, what it means to be healthy and how we can get there. When I started out looking for a solution for my Chronic Fatigue in 1996/7 nothing like Reiki was offered to me, and when I did seek a spiritual path (as it seemed like it was the only path that was able to offer any answers at all) all the data out there bamboozled my brain and meant very little. All I knew was that I felt very unwell, my energy levels were very low and sometimes my mood could be really variable.


It wasn’t till 2009 I pursued Reiki seriously, but initial experiences were frightening and I found myself feeling out of control and afraid. It took me a year to overcome those initial challenging experiences and find the courage to go down the path again, except this time I chose a different Reiki practitioner. This time around my experiences were significantly more positive and slowly but surely I was able to explore a new form of therapy and healing at my own pace and in a way that worked for me.

Everyone experiences Reiki differently, and for me it is a chance to let my body rest, take time to receive positive, unconditional love and support and in doing so release old and new trauma. I find the Reiki treatment itself enormously relaxing and often fall asleep! Afterwards I feel relaxed, grounded, loving, more balanced and more at peace with life.

The more I go down my own journey of health, balance, mental and emotional well being, having a happy, relaxed and balanced body and knowing I am loved and supported, the more I realise this is not the norm for people. Yesterday was a good example. A good friend of mine has been having some neurological issues so she’s been wired up to a box for 24 hours to see what her brain waves are doing. Whilst I think it is fantastic that she is getting some first rate care, when I asked whether she thought her symptoms were down to stress (she’s a single mum of two and has to work to offset the shortfall in income) she replied, “Oh yeah, of course it is.” Having known this person for a while I am well aware the pressures she is under and how little support she has been given with regards to the opportunity to relax and let the body return to normal.

It was exactly the same when I had Chronic Fatigue. Chronic Fatigue cannot be treated by drugs, nor can it be helped by surgery – and the counselling I tried at the time seemed to be ineffective also (see my Waking up to reality story at www.MindDetoxTunbridgeWells.co.uk). In short there was nothing the modern medical profession could do to help me. Yet really, looking back – I can see now that support in the form of Reiki and other hands on healing had the potential to create some excellent positive changes in me by demonstrating a positive, unconditionally loving way for me to behave towards myself – rather than the punishing, unrelentless physical demands on myself I thought was the norm and what was expected of me.


Reiki forms a practice of positive self care. Consider it like putting money into your bank account to offset the withdrawals of the demands of children, work, exercise and dealing with difficult circumstances. It can help calm you when you are feeling anxious and worried about something, support wound healing or specific injuries (it works through clothing and plaster casts) and allow a sense of perspective with difficult experiences. I have even used it when I am racing and doing competitive sport!

Personally, I find it as rewarding to give a Reiki treatment as I do to receive one. There is something magnificent about being a vessel for someone elses personal discovering and healing that is immensely rewarding and of course it is always nice to hear about their positive experiences after.

Alongside conventional medicine, eating healthily, meditation and positive life choices I think Reiki has a vital part to play in our nation’s health and wellbeing. I am often amazed that some of my biggest improvements have come from the simply laying on of hands, yet they have – and I would be foolish to ignore that. I see also the potential for countless numbers of people, just like my friend, to catch serious illnesses and problems before they happen and help bring the body back to normal when they do.

It is my mission to bring the knowledge I have of Reiki, health and healing to more people and I hope you will help me to do so.

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