Reiki for personal development

#Reiki isn’t just about healing, it can also be an excellent personal development tool too.

I was draw to Reiki to learn how to deal with other people’s negative energies as they were affecting me and causing me much unhappiness.


The structure of how Reiki is taught and it’s gentle non-invasive nature allows you to learn new things such as how to reconnect to your body, how to stay emotionally independent and how to connect with your true purpose is in life. All these are valuable tools in learning to live a life in alignment with your values.

I have seen Reiki be particularly useful when it comes to learning how to deal with stress. Both emotional and physical stress can be sensed by a healer skilled and sensitive enough to feel it, allowing extra time or support to be given there. By creating a safe space for you to have a #healing experience, Reiki therapists open up the opportunity for you to become more aware of the sensations in your body and how that might relate to what areas of your life need more support. This might range from needing to “take the weight off your feet” to ‘listening to your inner voice”. With this data you can make informed choices that will both serve you, and ultimately serve those around you.

By learning Reiki Level 1, you open up the opportunity to explore a more in depth view of our physical and energetic body in a structured and understandable way with the support of an experienced teacher. The Reiki Level 1 course greatly enhances your ability to become aware of the different aspects of your being and ways in which you can support it.

The attunement process that forms part of the learning opens up your crown chakra to receive divine energy, the palm chakra to pass that energy on and the third eye chakra to receive wisdom and insight into how best to serve. This powerful experience forms a corner stone in your own healing and creates a shift in your ability to sense and support others as well. 


Self treatment is a great way to keep yourself balanced and reduce your stress

In addition, in order to serve others it is required that we get our own ‘house in order’ giving us a compelling reason to address long standing issues. People often find that to heal health conditions requires them to address out of date thought patterns, unhelpful beliefs and old grievances and replace them with new attributes such as courage, compassion and unconditional love. In order to lead others through the experiences required for them to heal we must first take that journey ourself, so we may lead from a position of experience. 

The benefits of all this are clear, you address issues quicker, your life flows freer and you feel more equipped and prepared to deal with what comes up. Healthy relationships often flourish, whilst those that no longer serve you become easier to end. You may find that you are clearer about what is important to you and you will find a new support network with those that understand what you are going through and want to see you succeed. 

In short, Reiki is fantastic and it is my purpose in life to make it available to all that need it.

Best wishes,


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