How slow can you go?

How slow can you go? This was a picture as I was going into #London the other night as all the commuters were rushing to get home.


Fast fast fast – they just couldn’t get to their bus/train fast enough.

The trouble is, and I should know because I did the same thing for 10 years, you can never go fast enough – you can see the potential to continuously do more and go faster.

But for what purpose?

If you think going faster will get you somewhere quicker, or make life more bearable, you are gravely mistaken.

In life, there is only here and now – so I strongly recommend you embrace it and make sure you are doing something you love.

So as the weekend approaches, I recommend you set aside time to see just how s-l-o-w you can go. For some, even just to stop for 10 minutes is uncomfortable because they have become so accustomed to going fast and living off adrenaline, but try it all the same.

You don’t need to stop completely, going for a gentle stroll counts, or slowly wandering around a garden taking in the sights, sounds and smells.

Try playing with eating your food slowly, and savouring every mouthful.

How about putting some slow music on see how your body responds?

Perhaps you could take a bath, rather than a shower and slow down and relax that way.

And if you are struggling, then I suggest you find yourself an animal to stroke – cat’s can be pretty good for this.

Your body needs a mixture of experiences in its life, so if you are a busy busy bee – you need this slow time to catch up with yourself and give yourself time to rest and heal.

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