The 10 things that concern me about modern day living

As a therapist my concern is for people’s health and wellbeing. I want them to be healthy and well sometimes with a passion more than they do.

Here below is my 10 concerns about many people’s modern day living and the impacts they are having on their life.

1) Time spent indoors. Limited exposure to sunlight (which increases happy hormones, exposes us to good bacteria as well as enables us to produce Vitamin D). Jobs that keep us indoors for long periods of time during the day are particularly worrying.

2) Working long hours. This concerns me for a couple of reasons. If a large proportion of our energetic resources and focus are going on our work, what have we left for family, sourcing and cooking healthy food, doing exercise and healing? I would love to see companies take the lead on this and value their staffs wellbeing over their ability to generate profit. I have yet to get a satisfactory answer as to why this is necessary in the grand scheme of things. An athlete knows they must rest so that they are at their best, and that is the same for humans too. Time out, makes the time spent working, significantly more productive.

3) Going short on sleep or low quality sleep. What gives when there are only so many hours in the day and you struggle to fit it all in? I meet a lot of people that are sleep deprived as good quality sleep comes lower down on their priority list than say watching TV. Nothing beats a restful nights sleep for a restorative experience. Ensuring the room is dark, free of electronic devices, is as quiet as you can make it and feels pleasant to be in are important environmental conditions to create for yourself. Be committed to this, there is always a way.

4) Limited time in nature. Nature is incredible and has a wonderful way of helping us unwind. Unlike humans, nature has no limiting beliefs and shows us how the balance of life is important. A woodland, open space, birdsong, the sound of waves. Nature nurtures all of our 5 senses and is our natural environment, it needs us and we need it.

5) Eating processed food. Anything that has gone through more than two processes is fast becoming alien to your body. Your body needs food to repair, grow, fight infection, produce hormones. Synthetic food products simply cannot off the same benefits. Seeing we are light beings made of energy, the energy we put into ourselves affects us. Food stored for a long time and highly processed foods often have very low vibrations and can even be harmful. Choose what you eat wisely and where you can, grow your own.


6) Time spent in front of electronic devices. Studies show that close up work and computer screens strain the eyes. Whilst we can tolerate some, even 4 hours in front of a computer screen is stressful, even more so when there are no breaks. If you must work in front of a TV or computer screen look away every 20 minutes to give your eyes a break and avoid looking at them just before bed as the light frequencies encourage you to wake up rather than go to sleep.

7) Sedentary lifestyles. Our health depends on us moving about to help blood flow, to stop stiffness, to exercise muscles, to burn of stress hormones and maintain strength. Becoming more and more sedentary is a slippery slope to wanting to be more sedentary. Exercise increases the amount of endorphins in your blood, which make you feel good. Even better if you can incorporate being active with being outside.

8) Delegation of health to others. You are the expert on you. When I was ill with Chronic Fatigue, I went to the doctor to be told what to do. Seeing as at the time doctors didn’t know what to do with an illness such as Chronic Fatigue (and many say they still don’t) I felt helpless. When I got fed up with feeling helpless I took matters into my own hands and started to get much better results. Doctors don’t experience what you experience and they couldn’t possibly be the expert on everyone, you go to them for their wisdom, not so you don’t have to think about it or do anything for yourself. It is essential that people are active participants in their health – not wait until they are broken and expect someone else to fix them. Keep a diary of how you are feeling to develop your relationship with your health. It is said that many people live with a condition for a year before they do anything about it, so documenting it will make you much more aware.

9) Obsession with our image and how we appear to others. What concerns me greatly is what drives people to do what to me seems clearly harmful things to themselves. Prioritising material possessions over investing in your health puzzles me. An example would be a un-married guy in his 40’s with a high earning job, huge house, massive car, expensive taste in clothes, loads of friends and an insomnia problem. Because he can’t sleep he takes sleeping pills which are playing havoc with his digestive system so he has to watch what he eats and take antacids to remedy it. To top it all, he’s in a job he hates which makes him unpleasant to be around so he can never keep a girlfriend. In short, in trying to fulfil someone else’s idea of success he’s desperately unhappy and his health is affected as a result. Letting go of worrying about what others think about us and following our path allows us to be authentic and in harmony with ourselves. In doing so, we permit others to do the same. There’s no point having the luxury car when you are too sick to drive it.

10) The use of chemicals. As a Chronic Fatigue sufferer and an environmentalist, I knew that chemical usage in a natural environment sets up an imbalance, that is sometimes not possible to restore. Out of a love of myself and the environment, I ditched all chemical cosmetics in favour of natural ones and have never looked back. A well respected chiropractor once said to me never put anything on your skin your wouldn’t eat and I agree. Couple the chemicals you put on your skin with those in and on your food, in your cleaning products, the air conditioning, fumes, industrial processes and food production and its a lot to ask of your detox organs. 

The findings above are based on my own experience and what I see in others. Many aren’t even aware how much stress and pressure they are putting themselves under as they know no other way. I understand that, as I was the same. However, if you are unwell and struggling with your health, I suggest you look at the list above and see which ones you could start implementing straight away and I am certain your body will thank you for it. 

For bigger issues I recommend getting some outside support. Something like Reiki Healing works on an energetic level to help clear issues in the physical, emotional and energetic body. Sometimes these are old traumas, unhelpful beliefs or simply habits. By applying positive energy with the intent to restore balance much can shift for a person. For example, Reiki is often described as very relaxing, helping to support deep and restful sleep. It can be a wonderful aid to digestive tension, allowing the bowl to relax and therefore absorb more nutrients, or reducing stress levels generally enabling a person to feel strong enough to implement some boundaries at work so they can leave the office on time. 

Many that do step away from modern living to live more in accordance to their desires and beliefs rather than those of others of from advertising campaigns find that life feels fuller and more rewarding. Time can seem like it goes slower and each moment is more rich and engaging. Joy comes from the most simple of experiences, natural highs come without chemicals and they have more to give and therefore get more in return.

If you feel like you are caught up in one or several of the 10 actions above and would like to talk to a Reiki Master Teacher and Mind Detox therapist, you can contact me via email here, or call on +44 (0)1892 853518.

To your health and wellbeing, 


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