Why I’m a Reiki Teacher

I never intended to be a Reiki Teacher. I became involved in Reiki in at a time I was looking to solve my problem of being so influenced by the biochemical and emotional states of others.

I first realised I wanted to be a healer when I was 4. Doctors and nurses was my favourite game and I made everyone play it with me! Later I had dabbled a little in spiritual healing when I was at University in 1999, but I didn’t pursue it when I had returned home as I wasn’t either in the right space or exposed to the right people for it to remain in my life.

I had a couple of initial sessions in 2008 but fate intervened again so I didn’t start my Reiki journey properly until 2009. At that time, I was experiencing some huge relationship challenges, was unsure what my purpose was in life and wasn’t exactly my own biggest fan. I found the Reiki to be a wonderful relief and trained in the First and Second Degree in quick succession.

I took to the concept like a duck to water and quickly realised that the sensitivity that had caused me so many challenges in life was a gift when it came to doing healing work. I absolutely loved doing my First and Second Degree courses, feeling like I had snuck away to secretly train in my hearts greatest desire – healing and focusing on love.

In time, I was able to meet others that had trained at Reiki shares, which helped me feel more and more at home with idea of Reiki Healing and after a while I asked to go to Master Level thinking that would be enough for me, I’d stop there.

Becci Harvey, Master Reiki Practitioner

Becci Harvey, Master Reiki Teacher

It was my Mind Detox clients that ultimately became the driver to train to teacher level. Mind Detox is a talking therapy, and often I would sense that my clients would also benefit from the healing power of positive touch and the immersion of unconditional love that Reiki brings.

By training to be a Reiki Teacher, I realised I could also offer to teach them the basic principles of Reiki so that they could bring these aspects into their daily life and they would be a catalyst for positive change and beneficial shifts. So much to my own surprise I asked to become a teacher.

What I love about Reiki is how gentle, non-invasive, loving and supportive it is.

Most people tell me they train because they want to support others. The wonderful thing about Reiki is that if you are healing others, you cannot help but bestow the same benefits upon yourself. The more time spent focusing on loving intent, the better it is for everyone.

I have had people attract more luck and clients to their work, reduction in relationship tension and the courage to let go of medication as just some of the benefits my students have experienced from learning this gentle and loving healing technique.

As for me, it turns out that teaching Reiki exceeds my wildest desires. Perhaps that small girl of 4 that wanted to heal everyone that was in pain with love was smarter than I originally gave her credit for. One things that remains for sure, Reiki is and will always be a huge part of my healing journey and one of the many gifts that I wish to bring to the world.

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