Mind Body Spirit – what does it mean to you?

I meet many many clients that have only ever pursued a body approach to their health conditions only to find the issue is in their mind or they are not honouring their spiritual truth.

Thankfully modern healthcare is waking up to the mind body connection, but still it forms a very minor part of the services they offer.

On the spiritual front, modern healthcare offers very little support at all – a legacy of pre-Victorian times when the body became the domain of the physicians and spirit the domain of the church.

Now very few people attend church or are regularly reminded to look after their spiritual health, so it is unsurprising there is so much demand for #Reiki – an accessible return to health through studying the nature of our spirit and learning to sense and work with it instead of override it.

To me, each of the three aspects of our being – the mind, body and soul are equally as important. For my body I eat good food, drink mineral rich water, exercise and spend time outdoors, see a chiropractor, have acupuncture, go to the spa and get plenty of rest and sleep. For my mind I meditate (to rest it and practice switching it off), talk with others about what is bothering me, Mind Detox myself on any problems and write lists of tasks. For my soul I spend time with horses, exchange Reiki treatments, spend quiet time in nature and love as much as I possibly can. I spend and equal amount of time on each three too, making some major life adjustments to honour that.

So next time your life isn’t quite going to plan as much as you would like, ask yourself is this a Mind Body or Soul issue? You may find you will solve it much quicker that way.


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