The Art of Reiki

I was wondering the other day when did Reiki become a ‘thing’?

I ask because we hosted a Holistic Day and I had the great honour to introduce three people to the practice of Reiki.

Each of them was delighted to experience the warm and nurturing energy that comes as part of a Reiki treatment and equally delighted to realise that they to have the ability to create calmness within a person simply by the laying on of hands.

I was wondering when did we, as a human race, stop instinctively giving ourselves and those in need the time of day and placing our hands on areas where there is tension, pain, an injury or tiredness? When did we forget that given the right resources even the most debilitating of circumstances can be turned around with enough love and attention? When did we forget we are a soul first, and a body and mind second?

I could link it to modern life and how busy people seem to be these days, but to be fair I haven’t been around long enough on this planet to comment.

What I do know is there many people that are suffering from illnesses of the body, mind, relationships, environment and finances that do not appreciate they already posses the skill and innate ability to bring about balance and heal themselves.

One of my roles as a Reiki teacher is to reconnect people back to this instinctive knowledge and help them find their own path.

Some come to my courses to help themselves deal with a challenge such as a long-term health problem, some to learn about themselves or to dive deeper into the practice of peace, whilst some come to learn how to support family members and friends. A Reiki level 1 course will do all these things and it is my honour to share with people the tools to help themselves and others, and take them through the initiation process. Along with learning the background information behind the practice of Reiki, the core principles Dr Mikao Usui encouraged his students and clients to live by and the basic hand positions, learning Reiki with a fully qualified teacher includes a number of ‘attunements’ that allows the energy to flow through an individual’s crown and out through their hands.

Hands that heal, hands that harm…
Whilst I was wondering about how Reiki ceased to be a part of humanities daily life in the modern Western world, I was also well aware that whilst our hands can be exceptional tools for health, comfort, support and nurture, they can also be weapons. By this I mean they can strangle, smack, pinch, punch, pull and molest and be the source of much suffering and pain.

I want to bring people back to the knowing they have this wonderful innate healing ability within them, and support them to learn, develop and apply this ability to bring peace and harmony to all of humanity. I want people to experience what it is like to have a strong connection to your Self and to trust your instincts and I want people to experience the joy and bliss of giving.


Rachel receiving her Level 1 certificate

I will be running Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 courses in Mark Cross, East Sussex over the next 2-3 months. If this sounds like something you would like to know more about then please get in touch to have a chat with me to find out if Reiki is right for you. Simply get in touch via 01892 853518 or send an email via my contact page.

3 thoughts on “The Art of Reiki

  1. Hi Reiki

    Thanks for an inspirational & well written article about Reiki.

    I realise that my own original western training lacked so much about the spiritual aspects of life. I’m almost ashamed that I feel some of my early teaching was rather wide of the mark. However after the first couple of weekend retreats with Arjava sensei I soon realised that there was far more to Reiki than purely trying to help to heal mainly physical illnesses.

    I believe my western training changed a lot as I became to understand the true nature & thinking behind Reiki.

    You & I have had lots of discussions & coupled with your own deep thinking I believe we now understand it upon similar lines.

    You will probably know why after the retreats with Arjava I was drawn to learn Jikiden Reiki.

    By & large we now both treat & talk to people about Reiki in similar ways. Couple that with Mind Detox, you have so many tools to help people & open them up to ” why we are living through the many incarnations ”

    Giving people treatments at holistic days is fine but I think it possibly takes more than that to open them up to the true nature of Reiki. Of course, the time must be right for students to want to understand fully but as Arjava says one treatment will create a small link to the universe. He readily admits that’s what happened to him.

    The other aspect of Jikiden which is unique is taught in the Okuden level and is the Seiheki treatment which using a powerful affirmation it deals directly with a persons sub conscience to help deal with psychological problems, phobias & addictions etc.

    I think if we continue to sow the seeds of the power & benefits of Reiki people will soon come to us to learn.

    Probably a lot of the recent article by Arjava & what he was teaching in Barcelona last year will form the basis of his teachings at the Priory in late October. On the other it could relate to his new book which should be available in the UK by the end of the year. Can’t wait to read it !

    Much love & I look forward to seeing you on Thursday


    David x x

    Jikiden Reiki Shihan Teacher & Practitioner 01892 517523 07788 808408


  2. Great post and a lot of important things highlighted. I feel Reiki should common practice inner society but unfortunately it’s not and that is a sign our society today. I too am a Master but have not taught anyone (Yet) mainly due my degree resulting lack of time, but also a lack of confidence I assume. I want to put together a book for my student to follow, another thing on my list of thing to do after my degree is completed. In the mean time I am doing treatments in a Care home as discounted rates for the residents, and the effect are amazing and very for filling.

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