What to look for in a Reiki couch

One of my clients is purchasing a Reiki couch, so I thought it would be good to impart some wisdom on Reiki couches, what is good, what to avoid and what works.

First of all there is a plethora of Reiki couches out there from £60 new to £300+, and of course free or for very little if you look on Gumtree.


The very first one I bought (pictured) I got from a firm via eBay for about £80. It was a good first couch and it got me going, but it had the downside of being a bit narrow for larger clients and after a while the foam went thin meaning you ended up feeling like you were lying on a hard board!

I bought my latest one from http://www.sportandleisureuk.com/massage/massage-tables after a lot of research. This time around I was keen to get a decent amount of memory foam topping, so I went for 8cm, and I wanted the full width, which is 72cm. This couch also came with a bolster for going under the knees or ankles, which was a bonus. The curved edges were a nice touch, though it does have the slight disadvantage of not having the legs 100% in each corner. This is easily rectified, I lean on it to make sure it stays secure when people get on!


Reiki couches are shaped differently to a massage couch


A stool is useful

For Reiki couches in general you need something you can get your knees under when sitting. Massage couches often have a bar at about ankle hight, whereas Reiki couches are cut away as you can see.

You also need something that is adjustable in height so you set it up to be of maximum comfort to you (a stool for your clients is then is good if you are tall or like the couch to be high). Reiki positions can need to be held for a long time, so it’s important you get this right.

You’ll also want to be aware of the maximum weight a couch can take. Most will be fine, but good to check if you are buying a cheaper one.

Finally, do you need it to be transportable? If you do home visits you’ll need something you can easily put in your car and carry. Some of the metal couches can be very strong,  but also very heavy. I often put mine out into the garden so something that isn’t too heavy is a bonus.

A couch is quite a personal purchase and if you make the right investment it will be with you for a while. By looking at the couches other people have and trying them for yourself, you will soon get an idea.

And enjoy! Purchasing a Reiki couch should be an enjoyable experience as after all it means you get to treat, get treated and generally share the love!

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