Distance Healing: What is it and why do it?

One of the joys of being a Reiki Level 2 practitioner, and above is that you are trained in the art of Distance Healing; but what is Distance Healing, and why would you do it or why would you ask for it?

For starters, Distance Healing is exactly what it says, you send healing to a person, place or thing that is not in your immediate vacinity. This might be a friend or relative in another town, a natural disaster in another country or a pet or wild animal a couple of meters away. The practice enables you to be a channel for healing when you wouldn’t otherwise be able to because of distance, increasing the number of situations to which you can be a vessel for good and send positive vibrations.

When we teach Distance Healing at Level 2, we explore the incredible capacity humans (and animals) have to transcend space and time. Distance Healing works on the premise that everything is energy and our consciousness is everywhere, thus connecting us to all that is. This enables the heeler to energetically locate and connect to the heelee as if they were both in the same place together.

There are several ways Distance Healing can be done. One is to project or beam the healing to the person or place by energetically locating them through a prop such as their full name, date of birth and/or a photo, the other is to imagine them in the room with you and/or use a surrogate item such as a Teddy Bear or your upper thigh.


A Teddy Bear can be useful aid for Distance Healing

The later can be an easier way to pick up the subtle energies of what is going on for a person as the Bear or leg behaves is if it is giving you feedback whereas the former way is most appropriate to remain protected when sending healing to an area or person experiencing conflict.

There are obvious reasons why you would do and experience Distance Healing such as :

▫a shortness of time
▫an inability to travel
▫emergency situation
▫when it’s not appropriate or possible for you to be there in person
▫when the person, place or thing is far away
▫when you want to send energy non-specifically to a large area or a large item.

I have been lucky enough to have given and received plenty of Distance Healing. When receiving it, it can often feel like a sense of overall warmth and love – it is most certainly a magical experience. When giving Distance Healing I have been amazed at the accuracy of the issues I have picked up such as emotional states, area of tension, injuries and even that someone who unbeknownst to me ground their teeth and had issues with their left jaw!


Distance healing can be an effective way to deal with difficult experiences


Distance Healing also has the benefit of the recipient being able to stay in their own home or receive healing whilst in a location such hospital or prison. It can be used to support nervous children at school, athletes, performing musicians and those sitting exams.

If you would be interested in experiencing Distance Healing, I run 30 minute to 1hr sessions with a follow up email after. If you are interested in learning Distance Healing then you will need to be Reiki Level 1 trained and have demonstrated a good basic understanding of Reiki and how it operates. For more information on treatments and training opportunities visit www.ReikiMarkCross.co.uk or contact us.

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