The emotional benefits of Reiki

What could you do with freely experiencing so you can move on and let it go?

In my experience, many do not fully appreciate the emotional cleansing capacity of a good Reiki therapist. Reiki is a powerful and effective way of processing emotions and letting go of past and difficult experiences. Coupled with good talking therapy skills, a Reiki therapist can make a dramatic difference to a person’s life by allowing them to confront what would be difficult to confront alone.

Emotions are energy in motion, designed to flow through the body and provide a particular response to an experience to increase our chances of staying alive. The reason that people still carry these emotions from these difficult experiences is because they weren’t fully acknowledged and processed at the time – resulting as the energy of them being carried in the body as unfinished business. These stuck emotions are often the very basic emotions of hurt, anger, fear and sadness that are linked to our survival.

Stuck emotions show up in many ways; gut issues, hearing loss, back pain, insomnia, fear of moving forwards, self sabotage at work, paranoia, slow healing rates and eating disorders to name just a few.

In order to process these difficult and survival-linked emotions so we can let our nervous system return to resting/normal we need as much support as we are experiencing stress.

I personally find a well trained, balanced and secure Reiki healer wonderfully supportive, as they allow me to open up and explore the challenges that make me vulnerable. In doing so I am able to let those vulnerabilities go and I become more secure, present and grounded in the process. In doing that, I become more alert and aware, better able to defend myself and more able to deal with my day to day stress.

If this sounds like something you would like to know more about and to see if Reiki would be right for you then I’d be very happy to chat to you about it. You can contact me on 01892 853518 or visit my website at to find out more.

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