Introduction to Reiki


Autumn is a time to reap the harvest and go inwards

As we move through autumn, the time has come for warm coats, woolly hats and log fires to warm long winter evenings.

I have always found autumn to be a busy period for me, it’s like I bring in the harvest of the year’s efforts, and this year has been particularly fruitful.

And now, as winter draws in, I start to find myself going inwards also – shedding the ‘doing’ of the year and starting to look more introspectively at who I am and where I am going?

For me, more than any time of the year, winter time is Reiki time. Perhaps why I have been kick started into offering more opportunities to train and share the benefits of Reiki to a wider audience? I hope you will join us and be part of the events below!

Try it for yourself!

I have two options for people to have a taster experience of Reiki.

On 4-7pm, Thurs 16th November, as part of the NHS Self Care Week, I will be offering free 30 minute taster sessions at Phoenix Total Wellness, Tunbridge Wells. These sessions are perfect for you or any of your friends and family that you would like to have an experience of Reiki to see if it helps with stress levels and increases wellbeing.


On Thurs 23rd November, again at Phoenix Total Wellness, I will be doing an evening talk on The Benefits of Reiki and how it can be part of a Self-Care programme. In it, I will be sharing a little about what Reiki is, some inspiring stories of how it has helped people and how my own practice has given me an experience of life beyond my wildest imagination. This event is suitable for those that might be interested in learning Reiki and how they can support themselves through self treatments and having a committed Reiki practice.

Spaces for both events are limited. To book please complete the booking form below and I will get in touch with a time slot and/or the full event details.

I look forwards to you joining us!

20170110 Becci Barbara Yeo Photography hr-30 (2)About Becci:

I am passionate about health and wellbeing, and I am particularly passionate about the benefits of  Reiki. I have learnt from my own experiences and the experiences of others, Reiki has a lot of potential to support us and be part of a positive Self-Care programme.

If  you are curious to see what Reiki has to offer or you would like to learn Reiki for yourself, then take part in the events above, get in touch to book a session or read this post to find out who Reiki is For.

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