What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word pronounced RAY KEY, which when translated from Japanese means Rei – Spiritual/Universal and Ki – Life Force Energy.


Mikao Usui, founder of the Usui Reiki Ryoho technique (1865 – 1926)

Developed into a healing practice in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, the underlying principle of Reiki is a spiritual awakening to the life force energy that exists everywhere, including within us and the cosmos around us.

One of the aspects that comes from practicing Reiki is to facilitate healing (to make whole) of ourselves. Reiki healing is a way of maximising the body’s own healing ability and can be directed either to a specific place or generally to the whole body to allow the return of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

The art of Reiki is available to anyone and can be learnt by attending a course that teaches you about the practice of Reiki and how to share it with yourself and others.

Those that practice it find Reiki is an empowering and uplifting experience, whether practiced for yourself or used to benefit others.

It is important to note the Reiki practitioner is not passing on any of their own energy, but an unlimited amount of higher spiritual energy from an external source that can be accessed at any time anywhere.

Reiki is not a religion. There is no belief system or doctrine around Reiki and can work whether you believe in it or not.

SavedPicture-2014102511170.jpgReiki works on all levels from the physical to the higher spiritual vibrations. Reiki can help with physical, mental and spiritual issues ranging from poor health to a feeling of being disconnected. Because it works on the spiritual realm, it allows for an infinite experience of development and growth.

Reiki is a transformational tool and is beneficial in developing a connection to energy/source as a way of supporting personal development. By learning to tune in and sense energy and send healing energy, Reiki helps us to develop your self-awareness, compassion and feeling of connectedness to all things. This has a positive impact on our wellbeing and can promote greater harmony in the environment around us.


Reiki is for life. It is not necessary to receive further attunements to be effective, though a student may choose to as regular attunements keep the channel clear, deepen your connection to life force energy and reinvigorates your Reiki practice. (They are also nice to receive!)

Reiki Self treatment 2

This blog post forms part of the Reiki 21 Day Challenge – 21 days of self treatment, and meditation starting from 1st January 2018. Join in by following this event on Facebook, and taking part in a 21 day healing journey to bring more peace, love and harmony to yourself and the world around you.

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