About Becci

BH 1 medium (3)

Becci Godfrey, Master Practitioner and Teacher

Born into a spiritual family, my passion in my early years was health and healing and in particular healing with love.

In my late teens and early 20’s I struggled with low energy, low self esteem and emotional empathy that conventional therapies seemed unable to help me with. Instead I looked at alternative therapies such as crystals, meditation and hands on healing to find a solution. Reiki provided me with a much welcome way to explore my passion for health without having to explain or talk about how I was feeling.

Through Reiki I learnt to access my intuition, let go of old hurts and maintain a sense of balance, calm and peace. Thanks to my wonderful Reiki Teacher, the late David Bolton, I was able to harness my emotional empathy into an ability to read other people’s energy and use that information to support them on their journeys.

I now teach and practice full time from my therapy room in Mark Cross, and combine this work with Mind Detox and Equine Assisted Education. My teaching style is playful and relaxed. For me Reiki has been an important part of my health and wellbeing journey and I am passionate about sharing this knowledge with others.

To book an appointment or discuss whether you think Reiki could be right for you, you can contact me here…

To find out more about why I became a Reiki Teacher, visit my blog post here…

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