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Jane, receiving her level 2 certificate

Since February 2014 I have been qualified to teach Reiki to all levels and have taught people from all over the UK.

I am delighted to be able to share with you the benefits of this balancing, rejuvenating and healing technique that you can work on yourself and share with others.

Western Reiki or Usui Reiki, the form I am trained in is done in four levels:

  • First Degree (2 days) – This course gives you the background and basics on what Reiki is, providing you with sufficient knowledge and experience to treat yourself, friends and family. A great introduction to energy work and spirituality.
  • Second Degree (2 days) – Building on what you have learnt in level one, this course is the minimum requirement to be classified as a Reiki Therapist. In this level you are introduced and shown how to work with three Reiki symbols, including the distance healing symbol and how to set up a professional practice.
  • Master Practitioner (2 days) – This course includes the Master symbol, psychic surgery and how to work with a crystal healing grid. Many people report a big jump in their healing power between Second Degree  and the Master Level. It is for those that are committed to making Reiki party of their daily existence!
  • Master Teacher (1 day plus viva) – This gives you the knowledge required to teach Reiki to others.

IMG_20120705_134758All the training courses are two days (or equivalent) plus case studies, except the Master Teacher which is one day, home study and a short viva.

Training courses are held throughout the year at my beautiful venue in Mark Cross. I run both weekday and weekend courses to meet your needs. You can visit my Facebook events page to find out when the next training course is.

Those that are interested in learning Reiki are invited to get in touch to have a complimentary introductory session to find out more about Reiki and to experience a treatment. To find out more about learning Reiki or to book a complimentary session, complete the contact form below.


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