How you might feel after a healing session

As a Reiki Healer I am well aware that the work that I do is sometimes very deep and very significant and this will produce changes.

In this post I intend to look at some of the changes you might experience and how best to look after yourself in the first few hours and days after a treatment.


1) Be patient. Many people come to me to let go of a problem that they have had for as many as 1-60+ years and want an instant cure. Whilst most people bounce out of a treatment beaming and already different, the full impact of the session will take time to manifest fully into your life. Most cells take between days to 4 weeks to replace themselves. New cells will carry your new behaviour, but you may still have some mild symptoms as the old ones run their course. Keeping a diary is a great way to document the changes over a long period of time. My own experience also shows that a good nights sleep does wonders to help the brain process and normalise your new way of being, so make sure you give yourself the opportunity to have a good night’s rest.

2) You may be emotional. Emotions = energy in motion, and are the biochemistry produced as a result of our thoughts. In order for our emotions to leave our neural pathways they must be expressed and released. This means you may be more emotional than normal after a healing session. Be aware of this and give yourself the time, space and support should that reality happen. Writing in a journal, allowing yourself some quiet space alone, or going for a walk in nature are all good ways to allow yourself to release the habits and biochemistry of the past. Drinking plenty of water also allows any toxins that may have surfaced to be released, and eating healthy food will give you the fuel you need to move through this transitional period.

3) You may feel temporarily sad about the past. For many a healing session makes them look at life in a different perspective. This may result in some feelings of guilt or sadness from the way you used to behave. You may realise perhaps that you let a friend down, you were overly harsh on your children or you shut out a parent unintentionally. Forgive yourself for not knowing better at the time and know that you were always doing your best. You may also feel sad or angry about the way other people treated you. Forgive them for not knowing better and know that they were only doing their best too. We are all human and we were never born with a manual telling us how to do it all.tired_kid

4) You may feel very tired. Healing is a cleansing experience, which may temporarily overload your brain and your detox organs as they re-organise themselves. In particular, a healing session that looks at thought patterns will require a large amount of mental concentration. Observe your experience and if it continues speak to you therapist, as there may be other underlying reasons why the tiredness is persisting. Again make sure you are getting enough good quality sleep, drinking plenty of water and eating light, healthy, fresh food full of vitamins and minerals to support your physical body as much as possible.

5) Other symptoms may arise. Many people seek a therapist to heal one or a couple of symptoms. However, in many of the cases that I have seen, these particular symptoms are “the straw that broke the camels back”. This mean that there are a whole raft of other traumas or difficulties that person was carrying before their current symptoms fully got their attention. My experience is, that once you are willing to listen to your body and your emotions it may choose to tell you everything it wishes you to address. This can feel intense and overwhelming, as it would for a blind person to suddenly regain their sight. Be patient, you are going through a period of change. Things will, when they are ready, settle down to a new form of normal. Activities such as meditation, exercise, long chats with friends, time with animals and writing down how you feel all help with these transitional periods.

6) You may be confused. Confusion literally means the fusion of new ideas. Confusion is actually a very constructive part of a learning journey and is a sign you are embracing something new. Often when going through a healing experience you challenge old beliefs and embrace new ones. Sometimes these beliefs can be the complete opposite of what you believed before. For example, a person that had the belief “I am hated” would potentially feel very confused when they realise in a healing session the exact opposite is true. Seeing as we see/feel/experience our world through a series of filters, when a “I am hated” filter becomes a “I am loved” the world will start to look like a very different place. In time you will adjust and forget it was ever a problem, but to start with it may feel a little confusing and strange.


7) You may be more sensitive to the thoughts/feelings/actions of yourself and others. Healing work often opens up a more spiritual connection to ourselves. People therefore can find that they become more sensitive to negative experiences and can’t tolerate the same toxic environments they used to. Increased sensitivity is very normal and common as you return back to your full abilities as a spiritual being. Many of us have shut down our spiritual and psychic side in order to conform to a non-spiritual society, causing ourselves much harm along the way. Those that are drawn and motivated enough to go through healing experiences are often those that are more sensitive and open to the thoughts/feelings and actions of others anyway. Honour your newly returned sensitivity by being more discerning about who you choose to spend your time with and making sure you have time and space to spend alone. Practices such as meditation and Reiki are great for helping you to better understand the world around you and will give you the knowledge to protect yourself from the potentially unintentionally harmful activities of others, so it might be worth you going on a course to learn Reiki for yourself. Putting you first in these situations is not selfish but sensible, till you are strong enough to be around challenging experiences and still remain internally balanced.

8) Others may not understand the journey you are on. When you come for a healing experience, it will have a ripple effect on the people around you. Partners and family may find the change in you difficult and may act up as a result. Whilst most families and partners are loving and supportive, it is important to note that change will always produce an element of fear in some. Give people plenty of time and space to adjust and they will. Similarly, whilst you may be going through a big period of change, those around you may not wish to be a part of it, or follow in your footsteps however much you may want them to. Respect that everyone is on their own journey. Sometimes that means stepping away from someone for a period of time and sometimes it means getting closer. Trust your instincts on this, as there is no right or wrong. Trust and respect that others are perfect just as they are, and there is no need for them to change unless they wish to.

9) You might do something crazy! I remember after my first Reiki session I went bonkers (in a good way) and did something I wouldn’t normally have done. It was like all the beliefs that had been holding me back had been taken away and I became a completely different person (or so it felt at the time). In truth, I was now free, balanced and no longer repressed. I had become so accustomed to my former low level of performance and energy that to be anything different felt very alien. Thankfully those around me hardly noticed at all and there was no lasting issue. Like a spring being coiled up for a very long time and then released, you may feel or behave very differently shortly afterwards and need to let off steam. Sometimes this can be physically in terms of running around, others it can be verbally. In time this experience will settle down and your new found freedom will feel much more normal. Communication and expression of any kind is often rarely resisted by the people around when it is authentic. Being able to express all kinds of moods and emotions is one of the things that makes us human – so permit in yourself as you would others.

10) You may be deliriously happy! Not a bad experience to have at all! Once you have let go of something that has been bothering you – especially if it is for a long time, the sense of relief and happiness can be immense. Enjoy this wonderful period of positive feelings and use it to nurture other areas in your life that can benefit from some positive attention. Extend this happy period by being intentionally grateful for the wonderful things you have in your life, the people that have helped you to get to where you are and that you are alive at all. Letting go of any other resistance, fear or grievance is much easier when you are already happy and you may find yourself clearing other issues too. People often report they are able to have difficult or much needed conversations with people after a treatment and this is just one example of how your behaviour and therefore relationships with others will shift.


Whilst I appreciate this is not an exhaustive list, it does however cover the key points and questions clients experience and ask me about. There can be some comfort in knowing that people’s experiences are often very similar when going through a period of healing and there will be others out there that can empathise with the changes you are going through. Having a great support group is critical to your success and it is worth investing time and energy into making that happen. There are hundreds of local, national and global organisations that know how daunting it is to step into a new way of being and that will offer love, guidance and support. Should you need them, reach out to these people, as in my experience they are only too happy to help and pass their experience and wisdom on. And if there is anything that I can do for you too, please get in touch.

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My name is Becci Godfrey, and I am a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher. I have been practising healing all my life, and have been a Reiki Practitioner since 2010.

My passion in life has always been healing and I am always looking for new ways to share that passion.

To find out more about me and the services I offer, check out the rest of this website and feel free to contact me if you have anything you would like to ask!

Reiki and pets

For the first 21 days of July I am sharing inspiring videos, posts and other resources to help people practice Reiki self-treatment treatment every day, to benefit themselves and others.

Today I want to talk about the impact Reiki has on our pets.


Amy often hangs out when I am working with clients

It it is my experience that animals love a person that is energetically clear as they are pleasant to be around. Shortly after I learnt Reiki I found animals, particularly dogs would plant themselves at my feet requesting a treatment.

Animals are hugelty connected to their own awareness and an awareness of the energy around them. They are therefore, often excellent barometers of our health and how we are.

I remember returning home from my Reiki Third Degree course to be looked at quizzically by one of our cats Daisy. Clearly my energy was different and I looked strange. Another time I was giving a Reiki treatment to a client in the garden and our newest pony Dainty came down into the paddock next to us and spotted us there. She spent a full five minutes running backwards and forwards, with a highly energetic and inquisitive trot, as if she had never seen anything like this before. It seemed to delight and fascinate her at the same time, a behaviour she has never repeated since.

Self-treatment partners

My my students tell me that their pets often come and sit with them when they do their self practice. I think this is lovely, as clearly the animal is enjoying whatever is going on.

Reiki for pets is also very enjoyable. Unlike humans, pets are often very clear in what they need, and unafraid to ask for it.

Daisy puts a paw on me

I’ve also received Reiki from a pet. Just this week Daisy reached out and put a paw on me and whenever I am sick our cat Amy will come and lie on me – which is the only time she ever does that.

What I love about animals is they clearly feedback how effective Reiki is. Just yesterday our sweet pony Squirrel came in from the field in severe pain. She was waving a leg in the air and trembling all over. I instantly asked if she would like healing and she gestured yes. Within seconds she was yawning, something horses do when they experience a release of tension. It didn’t stop the pain, we still needed a vet to come and look at her, but it did give her some much needed support and now she knew I was aware of how she was feeling.

Reiki has so many applications, for this Reiki 21 Day Challenge, I invite you to share your Reiki practice with your pets. By that I mean do your self treatment in their presence if they’re happy for you to. One of the greatest gifts you can give your pets and the people around you, is to be completely healthy and whole.

About the Reiki 21 Day Challenge

Once trained in Reiki and our initial 21 days clearing is over, it is easy to get caught up in the busyness of living and forget to prioritise our practice.

This event is designed to remind you of the simplicity and joy of practising Reiki, and perhaps teach you a few things along the way.

This event takes place on Facebook. You can register your interest here. Once there, simply click on the “Interested” button to receive the updates in your notifications, and to sign up to receive the content each day.



Founder, Reiki 21 Day Challenge

Who is Reiki for?

Young or young at heart, anyone can experience Reiki

Reiki is suitable for anyone. The young, the still young at heart, happy people, sad people, those that are well and those feeling below par.

You don’t need much of an excuse to experience Reiki as having all that the Universe can offer is your birthright! 

Most people come to support themselves through difficult times or let go of an old pattern. Some come for simple wellbeing. 

Those that learn Reiki for themselves find it helps them stay balanced and deal with life stress, help with sleeping and gives them a positive spiritual practice that enriches their life.

I like Reiki because it helps me to be who I am fully.

What’s your reason for doing Reiki?

What Reiki isn’t

I fully understand that the concept of Reiki to some is entirely new and a bit strange! After all, no-one brought me up with the idea that everything is made of energy and that at will, I could shape, channel or direct energy – so when I learnt about this concept, I found it strange too.

It is therefore completely understandable that if people aren’t familiar and don’t understand what Reiki is, leaving them to have some misguided guided perceptions. Here are some of the most common and an explanation of why they’re not true:

1) Reiki is evil

A strong misconception to start with I grant you, but a prevalent one nonetheless. There are some myths out there that to engage in the practice of Reiki is to invite in dark forces or to align yourself with the devil. Whilst doing those two things may be possible (I wouldn’t know, I haven’t tried) Reiki is far from evil. A more palatable word to the western world instead of Reiki might be Universal Life Force Energy (the Japanese translation of the word Rei-Ki) or LOVE, because that is what the experience is. When I treat someone I get an experience of being deeply present and drawing down energy/love for the participants body to use as it sees fit. I cannot shape this energy at my will, I can only be a conduit of it.

Some religions have branded Reiki as evil, and I can only imagine that is because it conflicts with their belief system. Reiki doesn’t need belief to work, and for some, the universal life force energy is the same as God’s energy. In all my experience though, I’ve never found Reiki to have a bad side to it ever – only those that interpret it that way.


2) Reiki is a cure-all 

Never should the words Reiki and “cure” be used in the same sentence. Reiki does not cure – Reiki is a aid to learning, growing and healing. Reiki takes you on a journey that could help you to heal and become whole again (to have no hidden or resisted parts but your totality embraced in love – even your shadows), but Reiki does not cure.

People often want Reiki to cure them when they don’t want to confront their shadows and when they don’t want to have the consequences of not doing that either (i.e. illness, bad relationships).

Reiki knows that life is a) a series of experiences and b) the only influence we have over that is how we roll with those experiences. Do we resist, or do we go with the flow? If we resist, the experience sticks around until we get totality of what that experience is trying to show us. This is why you hear about people experiencing repeat failed relationships, persistent health challenges or stuck in jobs they hate – they do not yet realise they keep recreating the same pattern. If we go with the flow our resources, awareness and abilities expand. We become even more aligned with the present moment and even more in flow with what is around us. It does not guarantee us more money, creativity, or health, but it does give us a sense of growth and moving forwards, which is one of the 7 human needs.

In addition, sometimes it is not right for a person to loose their symptoms. It may be that a particular set of symptoms or life circumstances teaches that person set of skills that cannot be got any other way, or takes them in a direction they would not otherwise.  There is so little we know compared to the infinite knowledge of Reiki, so it is important to keep an open mind and be grateful for what we have. Learning to deal with life’s ups and downs is often the making of a person, so be aware how little we know on the conscious level and stay innocent.

3) Reiki is an alternative to conventional medical care 

No and no on this one, on two accounts. 1) You would never choose Reiki instead of speaking to your health practitioner, as the two are quite different things. A health practitioner is trained to diagnose, Reiki healers are not. Health practitioners are also trained to give appropriate medication, which Reiki healers are not! One does not replace the other. These are two quite separate approaches, both equally valid and both born from the essence of love. Knowing the benefits and likely outcomes from each one will help you make an informed decision on which is right for you at the time, whilst being responsible for your Self. 2) On the second account, I personally have never seen Reiki as alternative. Currently the word alternative is used to distinguish it from conventional medicine but let’s be honest, hands on healing and Reiki was around well before our relationship with drug-based medicine to restore health. If I must distinguish it, I would label it traditional, but in reality, I would prefer to see all approaches integrated in a holistic approach of mind, body and soul. A combined approach is often great in many circumstances, as it allows for the best of both worlds.

4) Reiki is a relaxation technique 

gassho-2I share this one because I think calling Reiki purely a relaxation technique sells it a little short. Whilst for some Reiki is deeply relaxing, that isn’t the experience for everyone and it does so much more. The purpose of Reiki is to draw in Universal Life Force Energy to restore harmony and balance either to yourself of others. Your various physical, mental and spiritual energetic bodies may use this energy in a myriad of different ways. For some this energy will be used for wound repair or healing of broken bones, whilst for others this may be used to fuel the courage to face our demons or say goodbye to deceased loved ones. What I love about Reiki healing is how clever that Universal Energy is. The healer does very little except to be the conduit for this energy, sending it where and for as long as they sense they must.

In addition, the actual resonance of the energy we draw down is dependent on the person we are treating and what their requirements are to bring them into balance. This means even the most novice of healers can bring about change so long as they allow the energy to flow through. An experiment on the frequencies emitted from a Reiki healers hands showed that broken bones drew down a different frequency to soft tissue issues. It is this deep intelligence that is beyond the intellect of the human mind that makes Reiki so applicable to many scenarios and so easy to get a good outcome.

5) Reiki is only for illness

Reiki is well known for illness and emotional problems, but it is not the only time it can be used. As mentioned before, Reiki is a deepening of awareness and presence – and this deepening can be applied to all sorts of scenarios. This could be an exam or important meeting, your day so you get the most out of it, food so it is as healthy nourishing and vibrant as it can be, plants, pets and animals to aid their wellbeing, your home to clear out any negative energy or technology to reduce its impact on you. The possibilities are endless – something we talk about out when you learn Level one.

6) Some forms of Reiki are more powerful than others

Reiki as a form of healing and spiritual enlightenment has been around for a while (since 1992), and now appears across the globe as many types – western/Usui, Angelic and Seichem to mention  few. Whilst there is one form that is known as the directly taught form – Jikiden, Reiki is Reiki. Each different form of teaching is simply using different approaches to the same end game. If looking to learn or experience Reiki, pick the one that resonates with you with a person that resonates with you as this will be more influential than the technique.

7) Reiki is an easy experience and a way of avoiding reality

This Reiki most definitely is not! Reiki makes you far more aware and open to reality and thus it gives you the journey it gives you! A Reiki experience is a deepening of awareness and connection to what already is, helping you to confront the things you must to move forwards. Yes, many people experience Reiki as a lovely calming experience, but for those that is serves, it is important to know that Reiki will also likely result in stress being released from the body.  This might be in the form of feeling coolness, heat, tingling, pulsations, experiencing memories, feeling emotional, needing to address a situation, interesting dreams or feeling different to usual.

These experiences are a great indication that the energy is doing its work and shifts are being made. Getting support through a transition period like this is critical, just as you would expect to handle life differently if you were living through a house regeneration project. Some disruption is to be expected, but if you persist with a plan, then ultimately a good outcome is to be expected too. I always think that Reiki takes you closer to the truth – so perhaps if you’re not yet ready to handle that, stay away from Reiki till you are!


When done correctly, Reiki is a fun and enjoyable experience. There is nothing wrong with saying a person or approach doesn’t work for you if it doesn’t – this is your journey and it is important you take responsibility for that. For many though, that have taken that journey, I am confident that all would say “go for it!” – there is much to be gained.

wpid-dsc_0005.jpgReiki Mark Cross, is run and led by Teacher and Master Practitioner, Becci Godfrey. Situated in the beautiful Sussex countryside, people come to let go of their stress, activate their healing abilities within and become the person they were destined to be.

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Reiki – why bother?

In a fast paced world, it seems almost everyone is pressurised for time. Deadlines, commitments, jobs, bills, expectations- just to keep pace with the life we have can feel like enough to do, let alone embark on a new journey of exploring our potential within.

So why, when everyone is so pressured for time, would we bother to ‘add in’ the practice of Reiki?

I believe I have the answer.

Eat sleep work repeatThere comes a time in your life, when you sense there is something more. You feel like your current ideas of the world are perhaps not enough, there is more to life than:


eat, sleep, work and repeat

Perhaps you are not happy in your job or your marriage, or perhaps you are experiencing a health condition, or a loved one is. Historically you might have turned to retail therapy, drink, drugs, excessive exercise – except that just feels like it wouldn’t cut it anymore. Or perhaps it never did, you just always knew there was a better way, though you never knew what that was.

This is the beginning. This is when you are beginning to be open to something that is beyond what you can see; something that can only be sensed, felt, intuitively heard. You may notice there are strange synchronicities going on in your life; you might find yourself extra sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others or you may find yourself frustrated by the lack of support out there.

Reiki is the Universal energy that pervades us all. It’s the energy that everything is made from, from the chair we sit on, to the organs in our bodies to our thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is the energy we create our dreams from, we experience the feelings of love and connection through and we give to others when we comfort, console or celebrate and endorse. We are energetic beings, and Reiki is the word given to the energy that is in and around us all.

So the reason I bother with Reiki is because I wanted to be at one and a friend of the energy that I was surrounded with, rather than victim to a force I was unaware of and had no influence over.

The question inspired me to reach out to my friends, and ask them, what benefits they had got from either training in or experiencing Reiki. Here are some of the answers they gave:

  • A greater awareness of my energy and of the energy around me
  • To replenish dwindling energy, to balance my energy, to give me calm, to help with certain pains, knees, chest etc
  • A course of reiki treatments cured my anxiety which had been causing shortness of breath for months!
  • Helps with insomnia not to mention feeling better than a massage!
  • Feel so relaxed while either giving Reiki or receiving it and can never give or receive enough it just recharges my batteries
  • Better sleep
  • Healing of burns and cuts
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces pain
  • Quicker recovery from illness and injury
  • A more holistic perspective on life
  • A deeper understanding on the way we are, which helps with staying well and handling the stress of life.

I loved their answers.

I’ve seen people experience dramatic changes as a result of reconnecting to the energy they are made from, whilst for others it is a deepening of their connection to Self -an experience that many describe as deeply relaxing.

So why do I recommend people bother with Reiki? Because you owe it to your Self to put your needs before others. We’re all born with an inbuilt ability to heal, be intuitively driven and life a life full of purpose and passion. Reiki for me has been the vehicle to get there and a source of continuing personal development. Could it be yours?

wpid-dsc_0005.jpgReiki Mark Cross, is run and led by Teacher and Master Practitioner, Becci Godfrey. Situated in the beautiful Sussex countryside, people come to let go of their stress, activate their healing abilities within and become the person they were destined to be.

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Reiki for first timers

Such a delight to share what Reiki is to a first timer today.

How do you describe Reiki to someone that has never had it or anything like it before, but trusts you and is desperate for some help with their pain?


The answer is, you don’t. You explain enough to let them know what’s expected of them and what they might experience and then you let yourself be guided by intuition and the healing do it’s thing.

As Reiki practitioners you don’t have to have all the answers, you just have to listen and be in the moment.

Our bodies are talking to us all the time, telling us where we’re going against our wishes, when our burdens have got too much to bear alone, when we’re frightened to move forwards and when we’re more upset than we really let on.

When we listen to our bodies we get insights into where to go next, what we love, what sustains us and what resources to invest in.

I’m not special
It takes no special skill to do this, I am not ‘gifted’ in any way, I simply liked the idea of being able to do this, so I trained up so I could. It really is that simple.

I sent today’s client home with a leaflet so she can read up on what she has just experienced. If it is right she’ll come back and have more, and if it isn’t, she won’t.

Despite what some people say, there is no set way anyone has to deal with their challenges and I’ve never seen it written anywhere we have to deal with our challenges at all – because, and this is the most important point to remember at all – we are already perfect, just as we are.

Mind Body Spirit – what does it mean to you?

I meet many many clients that have only ever pursued a body approach to their health conditions only to find the issue is in their mind or they are not honouring their spiritual truth.

Thankfully modern healthcare is waking up to the mind body connection, but still it forms a very minor part of the services they offer.

On the spiritual front, modern healthcare offers very little support at all – a legacy of pre-Victorian times when the body became the domain of the physicians and spirit the domain of the church.

Now very few people attend church or are regularly reminded to look after their spiritual health, so it is unsurprising there is so much demand for #Reiki – an accessible return to health through studying the nature of our spirit and learning to sense and work with it instead of override it.

To me, each of the three aspects of our being – the mind, body and soul are equally as important. For my body I eat good food, drink mineral rich water, exercise and spend time outdoors, see a chiropractor, have acupuncture, go to the spa and get plenty of rest and sleep. For my mind I meditate (to rest it and practice switching it off), talk with others about what is bothering me, Mind Detox myself on any problems and write lists of tasks. For my soul I spend time with horses, exchange Reiki treatments, spend quiet time in nature and love as much as I possibly can. I spend and equal amount of time on each three too, making some major life adjustments to honour that.

So next time your life isn’t quite going to plan as much as you would like, ask yourself is this a Mind Body or Soul issue? You may find you will solve it much quicker that way.