What to expect

A Reiki treatment is a relaxing and comfortable hands on healing experience, usually done on a couch in a warm room with pleasant music playing.

A practitioner will start by taking a simple medical history and explaining the process and what you may experience.

Everyone experiences a Reiki treatment differently. For some it can be deeply relaxing and send you off into a blissful sleep, for others there can be an emotional release or you may experience a heightened sense of awareness and vivid visions and dreams.

reiki-treatmentOnce on the couch the practitioner will start by “scanning” the persons energy. Skilled practitioners can sense areas of blocked and stagnant energy in the areas just above the body and will know to spend extra time there or pay extra attention to.

Reiki is predominantly a hands on experience, with the practitioner using their hands to channel energy to the areas most relevant to balance the body. Clients may feel a warm, cool or tingling experience, experience seeing colours or recalling memories or may simply drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Treatments usually start with you lying on your back and may finish with you lying on your front.

Treatments last either 1 – 1.5hrs and can be repeated as many times as you need to achieve your desired outcome.

Once the treatment is finished it is recommended you have a quiet day, drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest.

Distance healing

For a distance healing session the healer and the client are in different locations. This form of treatment works well if the client lives a long way away, is unable to travel or a healing session is requested for someone else or is particularly urgent.

Treatment roomFor a distance healing session ideally the  healer and client agree a mutual time for the session to take place. The participant is recommended to sit or lie quietly in a location where they won’t be disturbed for the duration of the session. They may wish to choose some relaxing music. The healer will commit to sitting down at the same time and set the intention to send healing to the client. In this time the healer may receive data and insights into the clients physical, emotional and spiritual well being and channel energy to the areas in that person’s life where help and support is needed the most.

Distance healing sessions usually last for either 30 or 50 minutes.

Once the treatment is done you are welcome to contact me to ask questions about the session.


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