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Becci Godfrey, Master Practitioner and Teacher at Reiki Mark Cross

My name is Becci, and I am a Reiki Healer and Teacher based in Mark Cross, East Sussex. I offer treatments and training courses for those that wish to experience more peace, happiness and relaxation.

This site explains about the benefits of Reiki Healing, a type of energy healing that helps to restore balance, calmness and harmony to the body, mind and soul.

Done in conjunction with conventional and other alternative health practices, Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive way to look after your physical, psychological and spiritual health.

Reiki Mark Cross was set up by me, Becci Godfrey, a Master Practitioner and Teacher of both Western and Japanese Reiki. I am perfectly positioned to serve Crowborough, Jarvis Brook, Rotherfield, Frant, Tunbridge Wells, Bells Yew Green, Wadhurst and Mayfield and have Reiki students from all over the UK. It is my honour to share the wonderful benefits of Reiki with others.

“I had my first Reiki treatment yesterday and all I can say is wow!” Client, Oct 2106

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  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in booking a session. How much is it? When could you do it and what should I expect? I’ve never had reiki performed on me before but I’ve been run down and constantly poorly for a while now and a colleague suggested reiki.



  2. I am interested in the Reiki day in July. Would I need to do more workshops to learn how to do Reiki to support my own health and well being and treat family?

    • Hi Sara,
      The Reiki Day will give you enough info to have a play at hands on healing, but it’s not the same as doing a Reiki course in a small group with a teacher and the personal journey that goes with that.
      I teach Reiki over 2 days, during which we learn the philosophy and history of Reiki, the mind-body connection, the 5 Reiki Precepts, how to doing a full self treatment, how to set up a room to treat others, how to give a full treatment to others in a way that is safe for you both. Over the 2 day course, you also receive 4 attunements to open yourself up to be able to channel the energy. These attunements are sacred rituals where the Reiki lineage is passed down from teacher to student and in my experience significantly enhance your ability to channel energy. Once you have learnt with me, you also have ongoing access to my knowledge, my online support group and invites to training events.
      The Reiki Day will be a perfect intro to find out if you like hands on healing and would like to do more of it. Most people do, and then go on to do a course to take their knowledge further.
      Best wishes, Becci

  3. My daughter, Selina, has suggested I have a session of reiki as I have just finished a course of radiotherapy for breast cancer. I could come anytime in the next three weeks.

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