What is Reiki?

The word Reiki comes from the meaning “Rei” which means “Wisdom, Spiritual or Higher Power” and “Ki” which means “energy“. It is the energy that exists in and around us, and underlies all of life.

The practice of Reiki is a Japanese healing technique for health of body, mind and soul to support the body’s own natural ability to restore balance and heal. Like giving ourselves the elixir of life, the practice of Reiki provides us with a way to boost our health, address our stress and live a spiritually enlightened life.

This is done through 5 main approaches:

A Reiki Practitioner is one that has a committed Reiki practice. A skilled practitioner has a strong connection spiritual energy and knows how to apply their practice to bring about balance. It is predominantly done by laying hands on or above the individual in a warm and supportive environment, but can also be done from distance, through a spiritual blessing or through meditating together.


A good practitioner is able to sense where there is pain, discomfort, emotional upset or deep physical and/or emotional trauma as all this will be reflected in the person’s energy. The practitioner can then use this data to tailor the treatment, spending time on the areas that need it the most.

Distance healing

Reiki works with energy and seeing as energy is universal it is possible to work with energy anywhere in the world. I have a strong sense of this kind of cosmic connection, and have had a lot of success doing distance healing sessions for both people, places and animals. See What to expect to learn how a distance healing session works.

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