Why learn Reiki

With a myriad of different health and healing approaches out there, why learn Reiki, and why would you go through the levels and do more than just the initial training?

I believe that an innate ability to heal lies within us all. No-one needs to learn any kind of healing technique, learning is something that we choose to do because it suits us and the path we are on.

I chose Reiki because I experienced it from a life coach I had been working with. After our sessions I’m quite certain she would send healing to help me to achieve my goals and be successful.

I was so impressed with the effectiveness and gentleness of the energy, that when I decided to find ways to deal with how sensitive I was to other people’s emotions and Reiki came up as an option, I was already familiar with the concept and knew a little about how it was useful.


I did my level 1 and 2 course fairly close together. In treating for the first time, felt like I had “come home”. It was a magical experience.
I had no intention to go beyond level 2, I was quite happy with having dipped my toe in the water. However, through my teacher I met students that had done the levels above me and saw a sense of serenity and peacefulness I didn’t yet have. So quite a few years later I did the third (master) course.

For me the master course was a deep dive into to Reiki Energy. It’s a choice to be Reiki Energy all the time and be it in an ever expanding and committed way. It’s been a wonderful journey, one I still enjoy!

For those wondering whether they should learn Reiki or not, I would say trust your inner wisdom on this.

Historically I have done some spiritual courses and felt little benefit from it and others where I simply can’t get enough! I’ve learnt to discern the difference between learning academic concepts and expanding my experience. The later is my preference, rather than a requirement to get certificates and titles.

I have after all, come to find, that the most simple of practices, are the most effective.

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