Angela’s story – why I learnt Reiki


Everyone chooses to learn Reiki for different reasons. Here, one of my students shares why she was drawn to learn Reiki and the impact it has had on her.


“I had been reading a book on Reiki and felt drawn towards it. I had never had a Reiki session but I just knew it would be something that I would get a lot of benefit from.

I found Becci Godfrey on an on line search and arranged my first Reiki session with her, I also wanted to learn more about it and enquire about taking my level 1.

When I first met Becci, I found her to be a very warm caring person, and was able to relate well to her. We talked about what I was hoping Reiki could do for me and also how I felt I could help other people.

I was very nervous and my anxiety levels were sky high (which Becci picked up during Reiki) I really wasn’t sure what to expect. The session actually went by really quickly and I was surprised at how much heat I could feel through Becci’s hands.

When the session had finished, Becci said that my body felt really unbalanced and I was carrying a lot of stress-which I knew, but didn’t know what to do about it. I did feel a lot calmer and really tired afterwards. Becci gave me a lot of good advice on what to do for the rest of the day and how I may feel etc. She also recommended I have another session the following week.

When I got home, my energy levels were so high, I hadn’t felt like that for a long time and I achieved a lot that afternoon. I felt very balanced for the first time in years and couldn’t wait to go back for my next session.

I had 4 sessions in all and could totally feel the difference in my body. My anxiety levels dropped right down and I just felt very different. I was able to feel calmer about things and felt a peacefulness inside me.


Naomi and Angela receive their Level 1 certificates

Due to my positive experience I then went on to do my level 1. This was 2 days where I learnt all about the basics in Reiki and how to treat someone and how to self-treat which has been hugely beneficial to me. I did a 21 day cleansing programme where I used Reiki either on myself or other people every day and I ate and drank sensibly, plus used relaxation ideas to help myself too.

I am still practicing Reiki on friends and family and I’m looking forward to doing my level 2 as well, where I can develop my Reiki skills into helping other people so that they can feel the benefits and start to feel better about themselves too.

I will be keeping up with reiki sessions for myself as I find each time I go I feel so much better both physically and mentally.”



20170110 Becci Barbara Yeo Photography hr-30 (2)About Becci:

I am passionate about your health and wellbeing and Reiki and from my own experience and the experiences of others, Reiki has a lot of potential for delivering health and relaxation, particularly when other methods have failed.

If Angela’s story has inspired you and you are curious to see what Reiki has to offer or you would like to learn Reiki for yourself, then get in touch to book a session or read this post to find out who Reiki is For.

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